Detail of ad with image featuring itinernant glassworker lampworking behind table

Samuel Owen in 1850.

Also known as: S. Owen, Professor Owen

Born: 1820, England, United Kingdom

Died: December 1879, [Pultneyville], New York, United States

Nationality: American

Active: [at least 1846-1870]

Brief biography

Samuel Owen was born in England in 1820. He immigrated to the United States at a young age, and later became a naturalized citizen.

By 1846, and likely earlier, Owen was advertising his services as a fancy glass blower. He made scientific glassware for sale, and later incorporated this experience into his itinerant glassworker shows.

Owen married Mary F. Perry before 1850. They had several children together, including Mary Holling (née Owen), Amelia Owen, Ella F. Craggs (née Owen), Fred Owen, and Addie Owen. Mary died, likely in the mid-1860s, and before 1868 Owen remarried, this time to Ruth Ann Holling. He purchased a house and settled in Pultneyville, New York, where he opened “Owen’s Crystal Museum” on Jay Street.

Owen died of heart disease in December 1879 and is buried in Lake View Cemetery in Pultneyville, New York.

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