Color photograph of a teenaged boy lampworking glass. He has brown hair and is wearing a blue shirt.

John R. Deakin in 1955.

Also known as: John Robert Deakin

Born: October 13, 1939, Newark, New Jersey, United States

Died: July 28, 2021, United States

Nationality: American

Family: Deakin

Glassworking relatives:

Active: [at least 1951-1957]

Associated acts:

Brief biography

John R. Deakin was born to John L. Deakin and Nona Deakin (née Howell) in Newark, New Jersey, in 1939. His parents were both lampworkers, and he may have begun to learn some glassworking skills as early as the age of three. His mother died in 1944, and his father remarried to a woman named Grace. The family relocated to Sarasota, Florida, around 1948.

His father and stepmother opened and ran a tourist attraction in Sarasota, where they demonstrated lampworking to the public. They taught Deakin to lampwork at the age of 12, and he demonstrated in the shop through his teenage years. Deakin did not enjoy glassworking, and once he graduated high school he left to become a pilot.

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