engraving of Alfred Seabury. A balding middle-aged man with a large mustache wearing a jacket, white shirt, and tie

Alfred Seabury in 1889

Also known as: Alfiso Seabury

Born: 1853, Manhattan, New York, United States

Died: November 25, 1903, Manhattan, New York, United States

Nationality: American

Glassworking relatives:

Active: [at least 1876-1894]

Associated acts:

Brief biography

Alfred Seabury was born to George and Catharine Seabury in Manhattan, New York, in 1853. His father worked as a fishmonger and marketman and his mother worked as a seamstress. In 1876 and 1877 he traveled with P. T. Barnum’s Greatest Show on Earth in their museum department; the second year he was listed as one of the “Bohemian Glass Blowers” for the show.

He married Nora Allen about 1876, and became the manager of her troupe. He continued traveling with the troupe until it disbanded. By 1900 he was running a hotel with his wife in upstate New York. Seabury died in Manhattan, New York, on November 25, 1903, and is buried in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York.

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